I made a playlist for the people who know who their special someone is

Here it is


My Spotify has my real name so I can’t share it

Oof, that sucks

I am single and may never be ready to mingle!

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im lonely but im lesbian so that makes it worse

Don’t worry you’ll find someone, try going to pride events in your school or city trust me you’ll find someone

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my school nor city has pride events… i think…

Well start a club and if the place where you live/go to isn’t that good with LGBTQ people do your best to find others like you make it a secret club and push for more fair treatment if possible (like if it’s safe) my city is very inclusive and I don’t need to worry about this but I do just in case reach out to any adults you trust and remember that one day this will be in the past and you’ll have your own special person if you have any questions I’m happy to help

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ok thx :wink:

And I’m gender fluid too so if you have any questions about that stuff ask! (It took me a long time to find that out)

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same with me being lesbian

Your gender fluid too?!?!?

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idk :person_shrugging:

Well I can help with any questions you have it’s hard going through this yourself I’ll try and be active on here

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ok thx

i think i am??? irdk

Well depending on your mood or day you feel like a different gender it triggers my gender disphora a lot (I did a post about it check it out!) just to test ask your friends to call you a different gender every once and awhile that’s what I did

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yeh i saw it i can relate alot

Well try using different pronouns and see how you feel

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i use any pronouns (look in bio)