This involves something discussed at Please look at my fan-made Owl House story and judge me freely - nº 5 por Fallen1

So, I am making an Owl House story, better discussed in the link above and I am hoping there is a way to get art for the story. I would normally do a series of commissions, but I am broke as hell and I can’t get a job until 1: my high school issued work papers go through and 2: I can figure out a car-related solution.

So yeah. HELP!!!

Possibly horrible Spanish translation:

Entonces, estoy haciendo una historia de Owl House, mejor discutida en el enlace de arriba y espero que haya una manera de obtener arte para la historia.

Normalmente haría una serie de comisiones, pero estoy en bancarrota y no puedo conseguir un trabajo hasta que uno: mis documentos de trabajo emitidos por la escuela secundaria pasan y dos: puedo encontrar una solución relacionada con el automóvil.

Así que sí. ¡¡¡AYUDA!!!


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I mean ill do it if i have time but i am already working on a commision rn for @Charlot_Astrea and a few others so maybe multiple people can do it so it be easier? I’ll help ya if ya want? I’ll make a post or a private chat to help u. I like helpin peeps when it comes to comics n art commissions. :slightly_smiling_face: :grin:

That would be stupidly helpful. Here, this is character information that will stoke your imagination:
(For anyone else who sees this, do NOT share this anywhere!)

  1. Luz Noceda. Race: Human. Age: 17. Accent: American accent with touches of Haiti. An Afro-Latina from the US of A. Ran away from her home in Gravesfield, Connecticut and after bouncing around for several years, she ended up in the Boiling Isles where she lives rent free in the Owl House in exchange for helping with Eda’s various business virtues. Tries to be a good person and uses a crazily bubbly personality to hide her trauma with Eda, John, and King being the only people she really opens up to. Has a steel baseball bat and a stolen revolver loaded with fire-glyphs bullets.

  2. Eda “the Owl Lady” Clawthorne. Accent: American. Race: Cursed Witch. Age: 43. In short, a batty old lady that lives with 4 other idiots in a strange house located in the woods. Eda has a portal door that allows her to travel between the human and demon realms. Every other week, she tries another hair-brained scheme to get money, to little avail. She was cursed by her sister and now must drink elixirs to keep from becoming the savage Owl Beast.

  3. Owlbert. Race: Palismen. Accent: Hoot. Eda’s Palismen, but he also is willing to work perfectly with Luz. And he’s an owl. Hoot.

  4. King Clawthorne. Race: Tiny Titan. Age: 9. Accent: American. King is the last living titan in the world, a secret that the residents of the Owl House have sworn to keep, only telling people that are/were a part of the family. He also acts like King of the Owl House but is horrified of Eda’s threats to make him pay rent.

  5. John Doe. Race: amnesiac angel. Age: 13.7 billion years old. Accent: Thick Scottish. Appeared outside the Owl House a few years prior with several scars, big black wings, and no memory. He took up the name John Doe and he acts as Eda’s main partner in crime when he’s not trying to piece together his past or keep Luz from dying due to naivety. He can not only lift 80 times his body wight (which is 15,832 pounds), but he also has the ability to heal from almost anything, from torn-off limbs to giant chest holes. Reverses profanities for some reason.

  6. Hooty. Race: Bird-worm house thing. Age: several hundred years. Accent: No f*cking clue. An annoying bird-worm thing that protects the Owl House.

  7. Amity Blight. Race: Witch. Age: 17. One of the most powerful witches of her generation and the daughter of Odalia and Alador Blight, the heads of Blight Industries. She used to be the trainee of Lilith Clawthorne, but basically quit. She has a love-annoy relationship with Luz, a bit of respect for Eda, and has John’s respect as the only person in the world to beat him in chess. She is secretly working to emancipate herself because her parents are bastards.

  8. Willow Park. Race: Witch. Age: 16. An incredibly powerful plant magic user that can’t always control said magic. She and Luz became fast friends… and accomplices. She also can beat nearly anyone in arm-wrestling.

  9. Augustus “Gus” Porter. Race: Witch. Age: 14. An incredibly skilled illusionist and a genius that has skipped 2 grades at Hexside. He also wants to know EVERYTHING about humans and, when meeting Luz for the first time, got so crazy that she accidently knocked him out with her bat.

  10. Hunter. Race: Grimwalker of a human. Age: unknown. Used to be the Golden Guard until Luz got him to see the Emperor’s Coven’s actions in a new light. He has a crush on Willow but has no clue how to admit it. He also has military training that makes normal interactions hard.

  11. Hecate. Race: Greek Goddess. Age: 4000 years old. John’s wife who is pretending not to be, for the time being. She is weaker in the Demon realm due to people not knowing about Greek mythology. She knows about John’s amnesia and may have had a hand in it. Teacher at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics

  12. Principal Bump. Race: Witch. Age 59. The Principal of Hexside. Sees potential in Luz and her friends but really gets his patience tested.

  13. Vee/Number 5. Race: Basilisk. Age: unknown. A Basilisk that took Luz’s place in the Human Realm that has been living with Camila Noceda. She feels bad about having deceived Camila and tries to make up for it. She has been keeping in contact with Luz.

  14. Camila Noceda. Race: Human. Age: 39. Luz’s strained mother and Vee’s foster mother. Recently, she and Luz have been working to rebuild their relationship, with a few bumps.

  15. Philp Wittebane/Belos. Race: I honestly can’t tell you. Age: well over 200 years old. The Emperor of the Boiling Isles. He used to be a human and a Witchfinder, but time and corruption changed him…

So basically it’s like a mixture of that weird bloody comic that Radicalbot posted (idk who actually posted it o forgot) and the actual how and a mixture of other stuff including your imagination.

ಠ⁠_⁠ಠ ?

Mk… Sure I’m bored anyway. Tho I gotta wait until after school for me to draw parts of it but I will make a private chat.

That works. I’ll send you a private message with everything I have planned out so far.

alrighty then great… ur not gonna steal the art and claim it’s your own that happened to me one time but it wasn’t on Penstagam it was some other platform or whatever it was. It was horrible war i had to delete my account and start all over…

Absolutely. You’re the one making the art, not me. I’ll include a link to your Penstagram page on the story page.

alrighty then great! I just gotta finish nagi2charlot’s and anothers and I’ll be good to go! im halfway through btw so don’t worry.

That’s okay! In the meantime, I’ll try to plan out the rest of the chapters and come up with art ideas.


Your story inspired me to make my own! It’s really good so far!

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Thank you!