I need help (serious topic)

So i usually post more light hearted stuff like memes, funny stuff etc…
But…i need some serious mental help right now

So a foreign friend of mine who i known for 7 months messaged me this morning
I only managed to read it at noon and it said

See you on the other side
Im gonna end it all

At that moment in panic i sent like 15-20 messagea but…im not sure if it reached him at time…

And i feel guilty about the fact i didnt messaged him earlier…like
What if i was late

And idk what to do now…i tried to message them but it says he’s offline…
What should i do

Update: it was a false alert
He tried but THANKFULLY snapped out of it
But thanks for reading it regardless


It’s not your fault, yes you didn’t messaged as soon as they texted you, but that is a desicion he made, you can’t change it, it’s not your fault, you’re not to blamw for people problems


Goodness, I’m glad they snapped out of it in time. I’m sorry you had to go through that panic. I know how it feels, it’s a very painful and stressful feeling


Yeesh that’s terrible,glad it didn’t happen…


Oh my. Im glad that nothing serious happened at the end but i know how stuff like that can affect a person and i hope that both you and your friend will be okay


It’s not your fault at all, but i’m glad that your friend is okay, i want to make sure if you’re okay though, that kind of stuff can be traumatic even if that person survived


There, that’s good : "D.
I’m sure he gave you a big scare xd


Oh i had the largest heart palpatation anyone ever had but thank the lord he is alive and well (well jot mentally, but he is working on that)


You are not to blame for anything since when he sent you the text you were busy, another story would be that you already knew what he was going to do and you did not react but you were not there when he told you what he was going to do, stay calm