I wrote this for my ex who I still deeply love like an alcoholic

Honestly, fuck you, Kai. You can’t keep getting into relationships and then ending them after a short amount of time. I wish I had never met you. I wish you had never said hi on those bleachers. I fucking hate you. I have fallen so deeply in love with you, and now you get to just walk away like it never happened while I have to stay here and deal with what’s left of my heart. So good for you, Kai. Go and find the next victim. Break them to have fun. I want to bitch slap you so much. Why do I want to kiss your pink soft lips? Why do I still want to kiss your soft pink lips? Why do I still want to be yours? Why did you have to go and say goodbye again? I hope you get deja vu whenever you say “My Beautiful” to the next victim and remember me whenever you hear “Oh, Millie.” I will always love you, my darling butterfly. I will always think of you whenever I hear someone say “Mi Hermosa Too,” and I will get deja vu when I listen to damaged music. I hate knowing I will always desire to stare into your beautiful brown eyes and drown in your dark, cold waves.