If Luz and amity got married would it be amity blight or noceda

Amity blight or noceda
  • Amity blight
  • Amity noceda
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I think it would be Noceda since amity wouldn’t want to associate with blights and be knows as a “blight daughter” because of her mum

Hi, I’m Spanish and in my country you don’t change your last name when you get married, so I think it would be Amity Blight.

In my opinion she would change it for multiple reasons, A. I don’t think she would want to be associated with her mother by having the last name Blight, B. Amity loves Luz a lot and probably would want be attached to her in that way, as well as just that having her last name would mean if someone said “the Nocedas” shed be a part of that, instead of part of “the Blights”
:dizzy:Yeah I asked Amity if she would keep hers or take mine and she said mine! She said both were reasons and that Noceda is really pretty and awesome! But ofc when we’re headmates in the same body that can’t exactly happen. But it would awesome!!! We can have a wedding in headspace maybe!