Information on my oc Robbie!

In my au, Robbie is basically Hunter’s equivalent of Evalynn. Robbie likes causing mischief, pranking other coven scouts, etc. Hunter makes sure Belos doesn’t get them in trouble. Robbie got his scars after asking Belos to be kinder to Hunter. Belos was angry that his authority was questioned. Hunter didn’t know about the encounter. Robbie kind of liked how the scar looked, and thought it made him look cool, so for his image, he drew the outline of the scar on his coven scout mask.

Sorry if its not great, I drew it with my mouse.


I love it
Great story

I love it is so cuteeeeeeee

Thats super cool! Who made robbie though?


No, as in belos made hunter, so who made robbie?

Oh! like is Robbie a grimwalker?

Yeah, thats what i meant

It’s very cute and it makes it cuter that it doesn’t have eyes

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Oh, I actually haven’t thought about that…Robbie is a grim walker, but I don’t really know who made him. Probably a character that’s not in the show? Someone in the shadows, who died before the age of Belos. Robbie would be the last grimwalker of Evelynn because grimwalkers would die with him and Hunter.

Thank you :blush:

Wait I thought about it more maybe Robbie wouldn’t be a grimwalker because that’s weak on the narrative and idk who would’ve made him…okay so I thought about it again so I think Robbie’s a witch. But like he’s similar to Evelynn personality-wise and how he and hunter interact is similar to how I imagine she and Caleb would interact.

All im thinking of now is when belos and robbie meet, the song “who is she” starts playing