It's one of my Ocs. His name is Pixal. I am on my phone rn I don't HV much screenshots of em

Guess the gender because most people at my school get it wrong. Well somewhat wrong XD

They don’t care what you call em. The pronouns. But they mostly use he him and they them.


you said it was a femboy

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I was just making sure people remember cuz I tell others that and they forget


Pixal goin but I’m not. I am already going to one

ive only been to one in my sad life when ki was 8 this is so sad

Why why ʷʰʸ ʷʰʸ ᵃʳᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ˢᵒ sad

I have attatchment issues and one day after not being with my sister leads to thpughts that go brrr :blush:

Oooh sorry to hear that dude

live breath eat laugh love my sister

M&M’s ^v^