Laggy school computer

So I am deleting like 900 files of the school computer because its not related to school and i’m scared they will check the computer, so the computer is literally dying.


that’s happened to me before. i had abunch ghost fanart on my Chromebook and my teacher looked through it (she was Christian)

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I have a lot of screenshots of my conversation w my friends and :star: homosexual :star: stuff lmao

youch my chromebook is just satanic stuff lol

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Have you ever dropped you chromebook? Like i’ve droped mine lot of times and its ALRIGHT :heart_eyes_cat:

I just finished deleting all my stuff, the bad side is that I have to download again the school books

have fun with that oof

You seem cool. Can we be friends? :smirk_cat:

ye sure :space_invader: :sparkles: :sparkles: :grinning:

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Soooo… what shows do you like/watch?

toh,rottmnt,invader zim, craig of the creek,

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alot of cartoons lol

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I watch Haikyu! Lwa, Toh (of couRSE) Hoshiai no Sora.

nice nice what music are you into

relatable. not a school computer but my personal computer has too much stuff on it i need to get rid of… but im not bothered right now :laughing: :laughing:


i personally listen too to much music
I like HIM,blur,Ghost,gorillaz,soad. lots.

do you like the misfits or the ramones

im going to bed goodnight people

Sorry for leaving yesterday, I had an emergency. I like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Insane Clown Posse, girl in red, Clairo.

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I havent heard of them :o