Let's chat about Amphibia!

This show was so moving to me! Did anyone else find it so emotional?

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Like seriously! For me, Amphibia was extremely touching. I very much relate to Marcy. I couple years ago I went through what she went through. Honestly, it was a breaking experience for me to leave my friends behind. I was also a bit of an outcast. What really touches my heart in this series though, is Sasha. The way she grew from the beginning to the end was beautiful! I have had a friend like Sasha before. Though, she never changed, I loved her so much! But that friendship didn’t last long so it’s so moving to see one that did. I wish I was as strong as the trio, and I hope that other people found this series as significant as I did! This series definitely found the right people to hear it’s message. :sparkling_heart:


How’d you survive being stabbed with a fire sword by a giant newt king in a different dimension? D: are u ok? /j

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