Let's discuss toh! 🦉❤️

Hii!! This is just a topic I’m posting so that some people can share their thoughts on the owl house. I’m just open to hear maybe anyone’s theories or opinions.
Please have fun with this!! Also, this doesn’t just have to be about season 3, but you can talk about the whole series <33

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Hi!! Anyone else here thinks that one of the best episodes is hunting palismen?
I don’t know what else to say sorry :frowning:


Hunting palismen was great but IMO it’s not the best ep, it’s deff top 10 tho. I think episodes centred around luz are the best. maybe im biased tho :sob:

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I would also put it in my top 10, and I think that the episodes showing clips of the ship’s and gay stuff are the best. I’m just fruity :rainbow_flag::upside_down_face:

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i think hunting palismen is in my top 3 next to labyrinth runners mostly bc hunters in those the most (im a bit biased lol) i also have a theory, abt Belos (spoilers for season 2)

CW, death, religious stupidity, murder of a family member, kings tide and hunting palismen references

i think that Belos is a puritan (Christians who interpreted the bible in a different way than everyone else then got bullied bc of the way they interpreted it which lead them to find a whole new place to live for religious freedom) from the 1600s during the famous witch trials (if you’re not familiar with the witch trails, a panic swept over the Christians and they put like 200 people to trial and killed most of them bc they thought they were witches and witches/magic was correlated with the devil) which explains why he hates witches so much because they were the most evil thing he could think of and killing them all would make him a hero (they thought witches killed children and sucked their souls to give to the devil so he’d be known all around the country) probably like a year or so of being trapped in the demon realm, his brother Caleb fell in love with a witch and got her prego (she looks prego but im not sure) we know this because we can see Philip getting pissed in a memory at what looked to be his brother and a witch walking together. then the next memory is his murking his brother with a dagger presumably for dating a witch (a crime punishable by death in the puritans eyes) I think that he thought of it as putting him out of his misery cuz thats what he said in kings tide right before petrifying Luz so he thought it was the right thing to do when blinded by rage and religion after killing his brother Caleb, he started making clones of him eventually leading to his latest grim walker, Hunter (the best character ever) and after 422 years he still thought he’d go home and be a hero for eliminating the biggest threat known to him and his family and then he fucking died.

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I liked Hollow Mind the best, and I have no idea why.

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well theres a lot of reasons it’s a great episode from story to emotion to having the best character in it coughcoughHuntercough and it confirmed a lot of theorys as well as started them

DUDDEEE your theory is the best one ive seen yet :frowning_with_open_mouth:

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ty, the original theory was made by skulltrot an analysis youtuber. I did add on a bit but they really break it down in an easy to understand way, if you want a better understanding of Belos as a whole (including this theory) they did a full character analysis on him. its called “Belos’ Fatal Flaw | A Character Study”

the rest is a small rant on another vid they did i thought was cool and would recommend

they also did a “growing up nerodivergent” video abt TOH and its really good it really delves into Hunters PTSD Gus being an autistic coded character and a little on Luz and her cannon ADHD its very interesting from a physiology perspective.

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that’s so fair and I completely agree

Thanks to them and hollow mind are my fav episodes, so much trauma :wave::grinning: