Lumity headcanon dump!

  • on their first date in the human realm, they went to drink milkshakes, but luz got really sick (from the lactose bc she’s lactose intorlent lol) and spent the rest of the night in the bathroom throwing up :(((

  • One day in the boiling iles amity got the common mold so luz took care of her and tried to find the indregients for chicken soup, but ended up acidentally summoning some sort of chicken demon and she and her friends had to fight it while amity was still sick to get rid of it

  • luz ended up making grilled cheese because it was the only human food that the boiling iles had too that was good for sick people

  • luz helps amity dye her hair while they watch azura and drink hot chocolate

  • she and amity love to play soccer together, but luz is a lot more better then amity is, (mostly because amity is too busy looking at how pretty and strong luz is to actually play the game XD)

ok thats it 4 now!!! i might make some huntlow or veesha ones next!!! :3333