My oc as the golden guard/hunter part 5!

The sketch looked more terrified than the finnish project. And fun fact, that I fell asleep twice while doing this ;>; and I’m :duck: ing tried aaand my head hurts x_x

If my character would be in the Hexsquad, who you think would have crush on her AND who you think that she would have crush on?

And the base;

Ps. I will go get some sleep, so if anyone does my “draw your toh oc+palismen” challenge tag me in it and I can see it in the morning + If you want to comment into my posts I will answer you in the morning!


Bruv I’m so dumb. I thought the base was gonna be from a scene in the Throne room from like season 2 or something like that. Also if she was in the Hex squad then there would definitely be a poly relationship between Akira, Amity, and Luz. Would that be accurate to Akira’s sexuality or should I revise that?
Also sleep well bestie! <3


The art is awesome! And I think the scene is in S3? Not sure XD And can u tell me Akira 's sexuality?

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The scene is s3 and Akira (just like me) is bisexual



i think that she’d have a crush on hunter bc they both seem traumatized and angsty and i think hunter would have a crush on her too- but she could also have a crush on willow bc willow can ground people more easily and akira looks like she could use some of that!!

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I love so much, when you comment something in my posts. They are just so fun to read : D

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Ohh Okay! ^^