My oc as the golden guard part 4!

I like the facial features : D

Btw the Base;

I love to use Hunter as my drawings base, becuz he is so cute :sob: :heartpulse:


The finished product looks a lot more intimidating than the base lol. :smiling_face_with_tear:
But ofc as always, it’s amazing akira! <3

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Thank youu <33
And I tried to make her look scared/terrified and I think I made good job with it.

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you did amazing I will say!

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omg shes so shocked??? what traumas has she seen :0000 but srsly GREAT ART!!!

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Tyy <33
Andd the traumas are hauntingg her if you ask meh :skull:


I just imagined hunter saying β€œHeh. Classic!”

I saw this meme being like:
King; I got 9hrs of sleep
Luz; I got 5hrs of sleep
Hunter; What is sleeping

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Oh I got a idea from that!

β€œYou guys are getting sleep?”

Bye I will now be dissapiering for atleast 1hr

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Bye cya later!