SOMEONE HELPPPPP what do I do? I just got the ick from my partner. TW:mention of drgs,drinking

[This aged like milk we broke up sadly. They took down the video but heres their acc PLEASE I BEG OF YOU ALL dont comment anything about my posts on them Im taking care of it myself already]
They posted a video about me a few days ago I just saw it and I wanna vomit I got the ick. I also just found out they do drgs and drinks which they didnt tell me at first which is somewhat okay it does bother me a bit like how do you get rid of the ick?? I really do love them but thinking of them putting their hands on my thighs, their arms around, and kissing me. It makes me feel weird. Someone send helppppp [Yes I will talk to them about it but Im scared that hes gonna wanna leave me]. What the hell should I do???.
Sort of update: I think I’ll sleep on it and see how I feel.


Youre soul and feeling of affection toward the human goes in of itself.
Better to go off natural instinct and emotion than anything, and may you send me the video?
I hope it wasnt a bad thing.
im truly sorry , ive been in positions like that before, hope for youre luck!