The owl house ships!

Name all or any ships from The Owl House that you know of, and/or that we should support!!

Here’s mine:

Eda and Raine
Amity and Luz
Hunter, Willow, and Gus (as like a polyamorous relationship)
Vee and Masha
Lilith and Steve

That’s all for now, and it’s fine if you guys don’t support these ships!! Be creative, we’re all different!!
There might’ve been a few others that I shipped and forgot, but I don’t really remember :sweat_smile:

  • not my ship *

But I saw a tiktok video where someone was like: " Raine x Belos is the best ship ever" THE FRICKING EMPEROR :skull::sob:


@Huntlow_f0r3v3r Why RainexBelos!? Like the WORST SHIP possible!

@Xavierr_Pabo7 I agree with all your ships except Lilith & Steve. I’m a mega Huntlow shipper too.




They gotta be trolling because ain’t no way :skull:


Do you mean me or the person who said " Raine X belos is the best ship ever" ?

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Belos is the WORST character & was a TYRANT!!!

My ships r the most common ones, yk


Hunter, Willow and Gus? Bro Gus is like 12 and Hunter is 16 :grimacing:


I was thinking the same thing!! :skull:

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I know that, but I believe that 4 years of an age gap shouldn’t be bad. That’s just my opinion, it’s fine to disagree with me tho.

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i have a few but not many i like to stick with cannons and or how they would mix looking at it from a science perspective (physiology) but here are a few of mine

Lumity (ofc)
Raine and Eda they have a good connection and treat eachother with respect even though they have a not so great history.
Vee and the persons whos name I can’t remember from “Thanks to them” it just makes sense tbh not much evidence behind it because we didnt get to see much.
Hunter and therapy, classic they mix well and would benefit eachother plus theyre very cute together.
and ofc Hooty and Duo lingo this one goes without saying


Lilith is cannonly aro/ace


Ok not sure about the trio ship my dude but i’ll let it pass.
Also i agree with the rest and (jk) add in 1 more for Hooty and the duolingo owl

i like all those except lillith x steve amd hunter x willow x gus (i like hunter and willow by themself oh and the age gap between them) but am i the only one who likes gus x mattholomule???


BRUH what!? Like, who would ship them?

isnt gus 12 and hunter 16 though? thats like a 6th grader and a sophomore dating its really weird… :worried: also lilith and steve is canon aroace + a 20 year age gap with steve

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a four year age gap may not matter when its adults but there is a very big maturity difference between 4 years let alone 2. this ship comes off as gross and creepy

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Lumity and Raeda for me; if I can have those two ships in the show then I don’t mind any other ones coming to canon :>

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Me finding out that is a real thing: WHAT THE FU-