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Wanna bond with someone over your favorite show (TOH)?? Wanna share some thoughts or questions? Got some theories that should be said or explained?? You can do that here in this topic!! :slight_smile:

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Question: How many people ship Huntlow? Yes or no and why? I’d like to see how many people agree with me.

I ship it, bc there are so much moments of the ship already. Like in the flyer derby ep when they played together, and then that one moment when they tried to escape the ship and hunter let them go. There was also this other scene, I think it was clouds on the horizon or kings tide, it was one of those, but there was this part when hunter fell off of his staff, and willow caught him, and he blushed. There was also another time in thanks to them, when hunter blushed at willow before they went out into town to solve the ribus.

btw, I also kind of ship them with gus included with them, as like a polyamorous relationship or smth. For gus and hunter, there were a few moments… the first one that ima point out is the whole freakin episode of labyrinth runners, and then there were a few moments in the flyer derby ep like when hunter said that the way gus flew on the staff was cool. there was also the part in kings tide when the collector showed up and “killed” belos/phillip, and gus willow and hunter were close together. Then at the end of kings tide, when camila opened the door, hunter had his arm around gus. There was that one moment in thanks to them when hunter came into the room with the cosmic frontier costume thing, and I noticed gus blushing and looking at him!!
And for gus and willow, well they’ve been friends for literally sooo long. There were like a ton of moments between them literally like almost in each ep they’re by each other.

Dang, I typed so much-- I didn’t even use correct typing grammar, like capitals and punctuation, I was just wanting to finish typing- well that’s all :}


I don’t really like the polyamorous relationship between gus, willow, and hunter but I 100% agree with what you said. There are so many hints in the show and it needs to be canon.


Another Question: What’s your favorite TOH character? Mines Willow.

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I personally dont because i feel like theyd be better off as friends i dont deny Hunter might have a crush on her but i dont think Willow has a crush on him. Looking at it from a physiological perspective the chemistry just isnt in their favor (im also a bit biased bc i have a small crush on him and i have a thing for mentally ill blond boys who are verbally affectionate bc words of affirmation is my love language)

Hunter this goes unsaid considering my last reply to your question

I feel like theyre just friends but alr