Theories about Belos(Spoilers for those who aren't up to date with the series)

I am up to date with the show and I have a few opinions about Belos. For starters, I think that since he keeps eating the ‘souls’ of talisman that’s how he got the weird green scar thingy(Correct me if I am wrong or if I missed something in the series). Secondly, I keep wondering what makes him choose who the ‘golden guard’ is because he said once ‘You look the most like him’ it makes me wonder. Third and finally what does apple blood taste like??? Like really I wanna try it(Jk jk here’s the actual one) Seeing how Luz is the SECOND human on the boiling isles and seeing how Belos is this first. Maybe there have been other humans we do not know of. I think Hunter’s biological family may have had another human apart from Belos(At least I THINK they are related correct me if I am wrong). Though seeing how Belos wishes to get rid of all magic(Which we have seen in the series) makes me wonder if somehow Belos is trying to make the boiling isles for humans. Though the acid rain isn’t very human friendly. Though maybe he’s getting revenge on those who were rude to him when he first came to the isles. Also didn’t he have a brother who he technically killed? (Again correct me if I am wrong I forget if he did have a brother or not) Maybe Belos killed him because he fell in love with a witch resulting in Hunter being born. Seeing how he doesn’t have magic does support this theory. That’s all the theories I have for now maybe more secrets and theories will be proven correct or not. We just have to wait and see.


Just found out that YES Belos did have a brother and that he is related to Hunter. Everyone say thanks to my best friend who was watching me write this whole thing lolol.


Are Phillip Whittebane and Belos the same guy??

Yes they are the same guy in what episode are u?

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I also want to know why Belos mentioned the name “Caleb” after he saw Hunter with FlapJack. I thought that was just a fake name Flapjack came up with

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Some ppl say Belos says “kill it” but in the YT channel of Disney it says “Caleb” in the captions

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just got to episode 18 :slight_smile: Also I WAS RIGHT KING IS A TITAN a friend of mine thought the theory was stupid but HA HA

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I see it must have been traumatazing

Apple Blood | The Owl House Wiki | Fandom.

“According to a charity stream with Dana Terrace, Luz Batista and Spencer Wan, the ingredients for apple blood are apple vodka, cranberry juice, bitters, and brown sugar.”

Since I’m not able to have alcohol, I would replace the apple vodka with apple juice/cider and I would remove the bitters or replace them with non-alcoholic bitters! :smile: :blue_heart: :apple: