There are so many hints that Luz's palismen could/will be a snake (Part 2)

Part one:

Part two;

Snake egg pic;

Her palismen looks alot like snakes palisman and she has very strong love for snakes. Also when she is drawing at her mom’s vet workplace, she has a picture of a snake in it

(Yeah I know she could just accidentally drawen it)
Butt she also is very brave when it comes to handling snakes. Like bro she is holding snake’s skin when she was probably 7-9 and I be terrified for going to school when I was 7 :skull:
Also my friend (@KITTY9003) dropped a theory, that Luz’s palisman will have bat’s wings. It could be possible, if we think about it…It would fit Luz’s personality as very creative person and that her animal in the texting thingy w/ amity is bat + her phonecase is a bat. And the trailer was so cool, when there was her new palismen and ofc they didn’t show the palismen’s form.
And in the season 2 Luz had a basilisk (what is a snake) pretending to be her.

Tell me what do you think about Luz’s palismen, and also go check my digital artpiece’s what I made today if you already haven’t. Byee~ !



(Btw I am :duck:ing tired, I have been up for 3 days in row for very late -.- )

Definitely a snake! I can’t wait to see our new slithery friend!! And i’d imagine it would probably be a gardener snake because that honestly just makes sense to me

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