Things I have said to my friend- 💀

“Imagine being depressed…”

“Are you my math homework? Because I can’t understand a :poop: about you”

“Ye, my mom maybe doesn’t love me, but she’s atleast living in the same house with me”

gossiping about vegan teacher

“Yeah… If I’m explosive and toxic… Then you are Corrosive and danger to health”

“Just… Shut up, I’m trying to draw-”

(Most of these things are said on days that I haven’t slept at all or had 1-3hrs of sleep, so I was barely awake while saying all this :poop: )


I luaghed at the second one

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So uh I just learned something ab my friend (We both like each other btw)
The only memory of him seeing my older brother (Two grades above us) Was arguing “A group of girls practice kissing for guys or not so is that lesbian??” I was like UH WHAT- (Nothing against ppl btw)

Woah such a great first impression

end me :skull:

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