What if you fell asleep on TOH characters?

Ok I’ll go first with hooty.
If you fall asleep on hooty, he would try his best to try and let you sleep…but eventually wake you up on accident because he was so happy someone showed that amount of trust in him and make too many happy hooty noises. (Love hootsifur :heart:)
Curious to see what y’all come up with!! :sparkles: :heart:


o dear i got a whole fanfiction in my mind to that answer for a couple characters so let’s go with one that I don’t:

Hunter would likely freak out and then depending on if you’re strangers or close friends- either run away or calm down realizing it’s you :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


well in my case I wouldn’t let them sleep because I start crying all night xd, I also talk to myself and I wake up at night (I’m weird xd)
In Amity’s case, everything is normal.
in the case of Luz, how it could bother you a little.
Willow snores xd
Hunter would feel a little insecure.
taste all normal
see the same look
The one that wouldn’t let me sleep would be Hooty when I was in someone’s company, trying to start a conversation.


Yeah I feel like hunter would just tense up because he just wouldn’t know what to do

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This answer confused me a little :sweat_smile:

haha yes I know, don’t worry, I didn’t understand your question very well either :sweat_smile:

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Oh sorry :sweat_smile:
20 characters

Alador: He’d prolly fall asleep on me after working all day.
Raine: They would prolly sing lullabies to help me fall asleep due to sleep paralysis demons.
Lilith: Just comforting in general
Hunter: Confused, but decides to embrace it
Amity: Similar case to Hunter, with a lot more blushing
Luz: Trying so hard to sleep, but all I hear is mumbling
Blight Twins: Both would try to pull me closer and still somehow fail.

What do you lovies think~?


This just made me wish Raine was real so I could do this myself :sob:
And I don’t really know how well I would get along Alador. Not because I don’t like him or anything, actually the opposite. I honestly think I would annoy Alador because I’d be asking too many questions. :sweat:


fr tho, I think I just have an obsession with Alador-

Raine’s singing voice calms me so I kinda wish I could sleep with the real deal.

I love singing. And really just music in general…
Music has always been a big part of my life


Music makes me happy-

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belos would just straight up murder u lmao and i feel lik hunter would b all embaressed but let u rest anyways also luz would totes sleep alongsid w/ u too and gus would probably make an illusion version of him to do anything he needs to do while he’s letting u sleep on him


I’d say Luz would just squirm a lot and mumble-

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Gus is really sweet so I could see that

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I see that- he’d likely analyze sleeping habits too bc he’s a nerd-

I’ve done that before when my ex fell asleep on me

bro they like capped meee!! (also creepy -v-))

ok in my defense. I didn’t want to wake them up. And I thought changes in breathing pattern meant he was gonna wake up

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oop(also my likes are back!!)