What would you do?

What will you do if u saw my oc in the corner in ur room Staring at you while you are sleeping.


“Uhh, hi? How did you get in here?:cold_sweat:

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You left ur front door open also your window is opened to😋

I’d Say “I didn’t say you where allowed to be in my room” and then leave

… He looks like my guitar in it’s case-

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I don’t have my glasses onn…

But i always lock my door and i never ha e my window open😰


SImply scream reeeeee while spider dance

Probably run away but i wear socks to sleep so i would run goofy like amity in thanks to them bc i always slip around like im a ice skater

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run to your OC
hits your OC
runs away


Honestly id probably just try to talk to him and get him to scare my sister

id grab a shotgun and make him fly away…i cant trust ppl

“Ah! How did you get here…?” Backs away in fear

Probably throw my pillows on him and then my bed sheet