Who's all waiting for season 3 of toh!

ngl, I kind of ship Hunter, Willow, and Gus as a polyamorous relationship… I’m just trying to put my thoughts out there! But you never know though, it could happen! :slight_smile:

Hii! I kind of just joined pensta… Hope everyone’s nice!! <33

Absolutely not… Gus is 12 years old, Willow is 14 and Hunter is 16. That would not work out whatsoever as you can see with the major age differences, and it’s just plain wrong. I get Hunter x Willow I suppose but gosh do not involve Gus in this :grimacing: :neutral_face:


Oh really? Huh, I never thought to do research on their ages, I just thought that they were about the same age… Thanks for letting me know though, and I’ll go ahead and fix myself on that, lol!


I apologize if I sounded rude. There’s just many people in the fandom who probably don’t care regardless of their age! Thank you for understanding though, and once again sorry if I did come off as aggressive.


Don’t worry about it! I’m glad you told me, really. People do need to realize the age differences though… :slight_smile:

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Hunter is 16
Willow is 14
And Gus is 12​:sob::rat: