Ya'll stop making a mean fanpage about me

ya’ll that mean and zoey if you have problem tell it to my face and why does it matter and even if i did drew it you guys would stell not belive me i don’t even know why i got this app any was see ya i’m leaveing and don’t even try to stop me bye ya’ll :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Wait, wait, calm down
what’s the problem?
don’t need to do that

this is the problem

and i said sorry and she is making a big deal out of it

Stolen art is pretty big deal

Also this whole “big deal” can be ONLY blamed on YOU

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Don’t worry, you made somthing bad and you regret for it, that’s great
But you have to understand that some people don’t forgive so easily
Just don’t make it again and let she be

okay i’ve got two points to make clear

one, you were tracing over art and trying to make it your own(using dana terrace’s bases), so its honestly kind of ironic your making a big deal out of this/nm
two, i’m not trying to justify what raeda did, but I am saying that you shouldn’t muse over something like its the end of the world- she apologized, no need to make it worse.

I wasn’t trying to be rude but you can’t just steal art and say you made it and claim it your own and no i’m not making a big deal out of it but it’s not okay to steal art like i said stealing art is bad and you can’t keep doing it your art irl is very good but doing it on digital and you stealing art from other creators is just bad and yet you still do it. and its not my fault that you got caught and saying i made a big deal out of it. And because of this i’m may not forgive you now.


I am reallly sorry but i’m really stealing there art if they share it on goggle


bye ya’ll i will never seall peoples art again bye ya’'l an 1 you all on’t think about peoples feelings before you write things bye ya’ll


i’m loging out see you bye miss you guys already :sob: :sob:

Aww noo :[

…no comment…

Kiera i was actually thinking about writing these things because it’s not right, no one said anything rude or mean to you they are just saying that stealing art is bad, no one was trying to be rude mean or selfish. Plus i had to get it out and not keep it bottled in me.

and yes people actually think about stuff before they write stuff, and think about other ppls feelings to.

@Raeda_14 I know that it’s probably too late but I just want to say that stealing art isn’t the best but we all make mistakes the fact that you realized this and admitted it means you’ve grown as a person. I dont think anyone meant to make you feel bad but its hard to tell peoples tones online